JJP Fanfic List

Because I have nothing to do this evening, I'll try to make JJP fanfiction list...
I'll try to update this list regularly

* Lagoon by Gotchick http://gotchick.livejournal.com/6001.html ( my favorite jjp fanfic )
* Caramel macchiato days by Gotchick http://gotchickoldfics.livejournal.com/919.html ( first jjp fanfic that i ever read, and i really really like it )
* Lavender notes by Gotchick http://gotchickoldfics.livejournal.com/1051.html
* Ennui by Gotchick http://gotchick.livejournal.com/9087.html

* Blurred Lines by xfragments http://xfragments.livejournal.com/33280.html
* Maybe I'm the sinner and you're the saint by xfragments http://xfragments.livejournal.com/33888.html
* Take my on a ride by xfragments http://xfragments.livejournal.com/31597.html
* If you ever forget how much you really mean to me, everyday i will remind you by xfragments http://xfragments.livejournal.com/30006.html
* How did this sound get so amped up by xfragments http://xfragments.livejournal.com/31243.html

* Def_pepi http://def_pepi.livejournal.com

* Write my curses in cursive by Iphisyo http://iphisto.livejournal.com/2273.html

* Why high school doesn't have to suck by Kathwolfie http://archiveofourown.org/works/1255822

* Why detention can be challenging in more than one way by Kathwolfie http://archiveofourown.org/works/1296394

* Try a litte tenderness by wendywrites http://archiveofourown.org/works/2284695 (forced married life)

Reupload Old Fic

Such a good news to start my lovely sunday...
It seems like i will spend my whole sunday for reread all fiction from my favorite fanfic writer...

THANK YOU gotchick for reupload your old fics.... ♡♥♡